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Rotimatic- Is it worth buying?

Upgrading your kitchen needs certain kitchen appliances. Possessing certain kitchen appliances can make your job easier. It can save a lot of your time, especially if you are staying away from home or working full time. The Rotimatic is used to prepare rotis, chapattis, dosas, etc. Let us discuss the features of Rotimatic to understand if it’s worth buying it.

The features of Rotimatic:

  • Power consumption - Power consumption is more. It uses high electric power. But while comparing it with heater, it absorbs less power and while comparing it with mixer, it consumes more power.
  • Noise-Rotimatic roti maker doesn't produces noise in the process of preparing Rotis.
  • Cleaning- It needs to be cleaned after every use, you cannot skip the cleaning process. After the dough has been kneaded, it certainly has to be cleaned. Once it is cleaned, make sure that it is dry before fixing the parts.
  • Price- It is quite expensive, the original price is 999 dollars. But it is a one-time investment to prepare a healthy and fresh meal like Rotis, chapattis, papad, pizza, tortillas, etc. 
  • Quality- The quality of the items prepared using Rotimatic is very good. One can prepare excellent quality rotis that are fluffy, soft, and healthy. It is cooked perfectly at the edges and both inside and out.
  • Easy to operate- Even younger ones can use the product to prepare Rotis on their own.

The advantage of owning a Rotimatis is you can prepare Rotis effortlessly. You already know the ingredients that go into the machine like the flour, oil, water. You can also customize certain things like the thickness of the Rotis. The disadvantage of owning a Rotimatic is the price, since it is expensive, if you are on a low budget and want to save money, you can avoid buying the product. But, if you consider time as precious and valuable like money, do not give a second thought. Just go for it, since it can save a lot of your precious time. The Rotimatic can prepare a lot of Rotis in just a few minutes. But for those who prefer home food like thinly rolled Rotis, they might find it hard to adjust with the thickness of the machine-made Rotis.

The Rotimatic comes with different models. You can buy the product of your choice with online shopping. The features of the product are discussed in this article. With online shopping, you can get good discounts and coupons. The method of payment is flexible. You can pay using a card or cash since the product is durable, that is long-lasting,  it is worth buying it. Indian community often prepares Rotis, chapattis, and flatbread. It can definitely be a great source of help for Indian working ladies because it saves time and prepares healthy traditional bread or Rotis quickly. The manual work of kneading, mixing, rolling into round thin Rotis can be avoided by making use of this machine. If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen with new kitchen appliances, Rotimatic is a must-have in your kitchen.

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